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Why is it so important to have your own Website?

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Written by: Raúl Mata, Copywriter

In this day and age, your business cannot compete, let alone stand out without its own website, a Website is MANDATORY nowadays if you want a solid online presence. Maybe 10 years ago it was not that necessary, but websites have since become the main point of contact for many businesses, regardless of their size. Think of it as your digital subsidiary, where you get to receive your customers to introduce them to your brand and your products or services.

Here are 10 reasons to get a Website NOW!

1. Works as a Resumé for your company

Your website is basically where you introduce your business to your potential customers as well as an insight into your products or services. This is how you present how you are able to help them, share testimonials and keep contact with your audience. You can also take the chance to tell your story and prove why you’re the ideal candidate for the job.

2. Low Investment – High Reward

It is quite inexpensive nowadays to create a professional-looking website, however, the benefits you can get out of it outperform the results of expensive and eco-unfriendly flyers and brochures.

3. Unlimited Access

Whereas your shop has limited business hours to receive your customers, sell and provide information you can continue doing all of that 24/7 and keep your business running non-stop.

4. Shows Social Proof

This is the best place to show off your portfolio, it allows potential customers to see previous work you have done and what you’re capable of doing. It is usually one of the first things a potential customer asks you for. If you’ve had good feedback about your product or service, testimonials will help close new sales.

5. Shows professionalism and builds trust

Investing in a good website makes you immediately be perceived as a reputable company that people can trust and want to work with, this could be your first impression and it better be an impactful one.

Being professional and building trust will easily convince potential clients to buy from you.

6. Crucial Marketing Tool

If you want potential clients to convert to actual clients, having a website where they will get directed could be enough to convince them, that your website is essentially the core of your overall marketing strategy.

You can share it all over the web and implement SEO and SEM strategies to increase your website’s traffic.

7. Generates more visibility

It is nearly impossible for your shop or site to reach even a fraction of your country’s population, however, since the vast majority of such a population has internet access, it is possible to reach all of them with a website.

Sales is basically a numbers game, the more people you reach, the more deals you close.

8. Your competitors already have one

How could you even compete without a website?

If your competitors have a solid website already, they have an advantage over your business.

9. It’s your best source of information

If your customers have inquiries about your business and you are currently not available to assist them, a complete website will work as a self-service platform for your customers’ needs.

10. You can automate your business

Websites are not just graphic and information resources, you can do your whole sales process through it, for example, process payments, set appointments, offer discount codes, offer valuable content and so much more!

If you are convinced about how important it is to have your own website, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you!

If you are not yet convinced, go ahead and read the article again!

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