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What is Disruptive Marketing?

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Written by: Raúl Mata, Copywriter

The concept of disruptive marketing comes from a concept called Disruptive Innovation.

This is where one product displaces something well established in the market by anticipating its user's needs and filling a gap that the other product hadn't filled or that the user didn't even know they wanted.

We can see this at work with streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime replacing cable TV and rental services like Blockbuster.

Similarly, disruptive marketing looks at what's missing from traditional marketing campaigns and ideas that are out of the ordinary. The best disruptive marketing campaigns will challenge conventional thinking within an existing market or connect with a new one, achieving a differentiator for the brand that manages to execute this type of marketing.

People tune out when they've seen the same thing over and over again!

Disruptive marketing involves giving your audience what they want, which often requires creating a story that connects with the audience personally.

What is the biggest benefit of Disruptive Marketing?

Change the perception of your brand

One of the benefits of disruptive marketing is being able to change the perception of your brand from being another company selling something unnecessary and boring, to someone who understands your needs and can fulfill them the way your audience really wants.

How can I implement Disruptive Marketing in my campaigns?

The best disruptive marketing campaigns are those that provoke a significant emotional response from your audiences, such as humor, happiness, sadness, or a mixture of several emotions at once. You want to create something that will be remembered, and connecting through emotion is the best way to do that.

People want to feel involved with a story and that their particular needs are being heard.

When creating a disruptive marketing campaign, you must first think about your audience and ask yourself the following:

What does the audience need to hear?

What kind of story do they see themselves as part of?

How would they like to see it, hear it or feel it?

In short, you need to put yourself in your audience's shoes to understand how they will be attracted to your brand.

The marketing campaigns that cause the most disruption are those that stand out from the crowd. You may think that following a particular formula will get results but in disruptive marketing, the idea is to throw the rulebook in the trash!

The best disruptive marketing campaigns involve originality and if you take a risk and post eye-catching content, it will surely generate positive results.

If you want to implement Disruptive Marketing in your marketing campaigns, we’ll gladly help you out with that!

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