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Disruptive Marketing Examples

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Written by: Raúl Mata, Copywriter

-Disneyland Tokyo

In this ad, Disneyland knew how to adapt to the target audience’s culture by creating Anime style of storytelling that also provokes strong emotional reactions such as love and nostalgia.

As the icing on the cake, this ad’s soundtrack has led several YouTube commenters to tears, which confirms the efficiency of this disruptive marketing campaign.


The dialogs often get awkward, aggressive, sarcastic, or even sexual, but that’s the point!, to awaken as many emotions as possible and seal it with the punchline “Taste the Rainbow”, which could mean anything the spectator could imagine.

-Red Bull

Red Bull has used the punchline “Red Bull gives you wings” for years, but for the right reasons.

They don’t just mean that the beverage will give you energy or “wings” (as a metaphor), but they also prove it by pulling the most extreme sports stunts ever as disruptive marketing campaigns. They even threw Felix Baumgartner from the stratosphere in October 2012 to prove their point!

-Master Card

Even though this disruptive marketing campaign came out back in 1997, the message is so deep and emotional that it’s still effective today. This marketing campaign shows how there are a few things that money can’t buy, usually heartwarming or funny moments, however, everything around that made such a moment happen can be indeed paid for with your Master Card.


They are well known at the top of the game in regards to disruptive marketing and ad campaigns in general, however, one of their most successful and disruptive campaigns from the last decade is the one where Coca-Cola wrote names on their cans provoking emotion and urge to buy whenever people saw their names on the can or bottle.

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